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Michael Deering CEO

Pass the Torch.

Finally a platform where facts meets fiction, real meets fake, underground meets commercial, gangster meets conscious, old school meets new school, etc. if there’s an argument going on in the media, bring it to the stage and Pass The Torch!! Not every argument ends in beef. On our platform the arguments are organized and always end in understanding. We like to “Educate Not Separate”. So join us in becoming a part of the solution and not the problem. PASS THE TORCH!!


“I wanted to do something different. People always talk about bridging the gap, but it hasn’t been done effectively. People are either bias to one side or the other. You never see both sides of the argument on the same platform. I believe there is a learning experience in arguments, as long as they are peaceful. So, what I decided to do is organize the argument, in other words, make it a debate. Not political, not religious, I wanted that shit people fuss about every day. Pass The Torch on this platform means,
let each person get equal time on the mic. I felt I could pull this off because I was on both sides of the fence. I was once a new school artist that wasn’t accepted by the old school. Now that
I’m considered old school, I see how my piers judge the new school. I felt the new cats could learn from the old cats’ mistakes. Also, the old cats can learn how to navigate through this technology age from the new cats. That’s why we say “Educate Not Separate”. I truly believe in the concept of Pass The Torch. I hope everyone enjoys the vision.”

Mr. Deering


Michael Deering

CEO & Founder of Pass The Torch

Michael Deering aka Mikey D. Best known as the Queens NY battle rapper dating back to the 80’s and for 1988 best rapper at the New Music Seminar. Mikey D started his hip hop journey in the streets of Laurelton Queens NY. He recorded records with Johnnie Quest and the Legendary producer Paul C. Mikey
D was also part of the group Main Source.

Eric “Big Vegg” Sullivan 

Eric Sullivan

Sound Engineer | Photographer | Videography | Radio Personality | Correspondent | Humanitarian…  

Eric “Big Vegg” Sullivan is that guy to go for almost everything you need to get done. From doing Internet radio to running a recording studio to running an interviewing web series to doing photography and videography…He’s that go-to guy for what you need. 16+ years deep into entertainment, he’s had the chance and honor of working with artists of all genres including, Papoose, Vado, Raekwon, Troy Ave, Sean Price(R.I.P.), Chris Rivers, Droop pop, Cheezey Dior and Coke Boy Brock of French Montana’s Coke Boys group…and then interviewing creatives like Rakim, Legendary R&B group Allure, Brian Angel(Formerly of Day 26), Producer extraordinaire Focus… Dj Self, Angela Yee, Super Producer Amadeus, actress Donshea Hopkins and more. He’s even gone to interview pageant winners like former Miss Jersey USA 2017 Chhavi Verg and many up and coming artists of the world. During his venture in getting a Diploma with honors at the now-closed “Insitute of Audio Research”, He acquired an internship at Interscope records becoming a member of there street team called, The Bombsquad NYC. During this time he was sent out to promote artist such as Carl Thomas, 50 Cent, Common, Daddy Yankee and more under the label. In January 2018, He had acquired an internship at New York City’s prime spot for Hip-Hop & R&B “Power 105.1” doing camera work for radio personality “EmEz” but that venture ended August 2018. You can find much video work Big Vegg has contributed to Power 105’s website. He’s also been recruited by Paterson’s New Jersey’s own Damian Emile to become one of the prime hosts for the Independent music video show “Music Monday Videos” shining light on independent artists & industry professionals. More recently in December of 2019, He was also recruited by Sirius XM Host Mike Muse to be one of his primary shooters for his Mike Muse show platform.  He also manages up and coming Hip-Hop artist “Stillamess” getting him performances all over while also landing him placements in Hip-Hop Weekly, The Source,  Thisis50.com, and more. He has the drive, the ambition and hunger to make a name for himself in entertainment and beyond.

Ladi Miz – Host

Lady Miz

Ladi Miz is a versatile and conscious rapper; one who holds no punches, can come hard, make you dance and still loves to deliver a message. She brings content and substance within her music when she delivers it. Ladi Miz decided to get back into the music in 2018 and ever since she’s been grinding hard. Within a short time while chasing her dreams Ladi Miz has been building her fan base, she is an artist, a songwriter, a mentor, a radio co-host, published author, a host of her own podcast From Da Ground Up Productions. Most importantly Ladi Miz Is a mother and a wife.

Ladi Miz Discography Consists of  “Freedom Of Expression” featuring her popular songs “Free” which hits hard on the Police Brutality that is done in the black community, her emotional song “Stop The Hatred” where she speaks on societal differences and the division that it causes, “Only And Only” which hits to the heart of being in a relationship, And “Turn Up” Ladi Miz’s very popular Party Song Which is sure to get you out your seat dancing.

Ladi Miz’s Sophomore Album ”Elegant Gangsta” is a more personal album which still has hits you can dance to like “All Eyes On Me” and Her extremely popular remake “For The Radio” , Ladi Miz gets More Personal in her song “My problems Is Mine” and “Best Of Both Worlds”  in which she dedicates to her kids.

Ladi Miz is an MC that is about her people and the culture of Hip-hop. Ladi Miz has been met with a warm reception from fans new school and old school who write her letting her know how much she inspires them with conscious records that celebrate our people, and our history.

Calvin Smith aka Cal Cutter

Calvin Smith

My name is CALVIN SMITH I’m a Photographer / Graphic Designer. I first started my journey as a videographer in the early ’90s. My passion began to change once I started becoming more interested in graphic design. I thought it was pretty cool making ads for peoples up and coming events. I began to practice by copying ads I use to see in the magazines. I was always looking for backdrop pics for my graphic work. My wife at the time pushed me to get a camera and take my own backdrops pics so I won’t be accused of plagiarizing. That’s when my passion changed once again. I fell in love with the camera. I began taking live photos of clients with my own make up backdrops and making campaign ads with them. I would read books on top of books when it comes to photography and graphic design (which I still do to this day). I’m always a working progress, knowledge is power; keeping it fun at the same time is a plus. I began to take photos of my best friend who was a professional bodybuilder at the time. Which lead me into taking pictures of fitness models. A few years carried over into fashion shows.
2016 I got an invitation of a life time. I went on a Rap tour “The BoomBap/ Why Not Me Tour” with TeksBook Entertainment and Final Score Ent. We traveled through 5 countries in two weeks (Scotland, London, France, Germany, and Netherlands); Which I took photos and made flyers to keep there fans up to date with their movements. I love watching clients reaction when they see their pictures through my eyes. It’s a wonderful feeling. The rest is history….
To check out my work I have a few things on my platforms.
Instagram: Iamcalcutrer
Facebook: Calvin Smith

Just a few names of people I work with..

Reuben Simmons- Pro Bodybuilder
Reuben Simmons Jr.- Activists, Union President,
Co-Founder of I am Beacon ect.
BlockFluid- Rapper
Tek-Wun- Rapper/ DJ /CEO of Teksbook Entertainment, Music producer, Beat maker..
Tito Montana- Rapper
MikeyD- Rapper
This list goes on….

Pritt Kalsi

Pritt Kalsi

Long time associate of Mikey D. Pritt Kalsi is a award winning film maker, musc producer and photographer from the UK. From directing videos and full feature documentaries his work have been screened all over the world.

He has worked with many of the truly great artists from the Golden Era of Hip Hop. Shooting Portraits and designing LP covers for some legends such as Diamond D, Ultras, Ray West, The legion and Diceman the list goes continues.

His Role here is to support and advise Micheal Deering and help him with project development.

Geechie Dan

Geechie Dan

Member of WBAU Radio 90.3 FM – ADELPHI University – 1984 – 1988

Member ZULUNATION – Chapter 11 – Queens – 1984

Battled LL Cool J twice – loss my first battle – 1984

Member of Mikey D & LA POSSE – 1986 – Present

Honorary Member of the Clientele Brothers

Author – The Kingdom Hall No More – published by Authorhouse – 2008

Co Founder & Creator of the Geechie Dan Hip Hop Tape Show – I Got The Tapes – 2015 – Present

Co Founder & Creator of the Hip Hop ICON Music Channel – 2020

Executive Director of The Hip Hop Museum DC & Cafe

Brand Ambassador for Generation Hip Hop Global

Advisory Board of Hip Hop Blvd

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